Dumbarton Oaks Welcomes 2012 Summer Interns

Dumbarton Oaks welcomes fifteen summer interns for summer 2012!  The interns are working on a variety of projects in departments across the institution including our Gardens, Museum, Library, Byzantine Seals, Image Collections & Fieldwork Archives (ICFA), Oral History Project, Publications, and Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library (DOML).

The 2012 Dumbarton Oaks Summer Interns are:

Dumbarton Oaks Catalogue of Byzantine Lead Seals
Lain Wilson

Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library
Shane Bobrycki
Rebecca Frankel
Christopher Husch

Garden and Landscape Studies/Dumbarton Oaks Gardens
Robin Abad Ocubillo, Landscape Architecture Intern
Siobhan Aitchison, Landscape Conservation Intern
Alexis Lopez del Vecchio, GIS/GPS Intern

Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives (ICFA)
Caitlin Balotta

Library, Manuscripts on Microfilm
Vladimir Boskovic
Saskia Dirkse
Roderick Saxey

Museum Curatorial Intern
Danielle Parga

Oral History Project
Erik Fredericksen
Gabriela Santiago

Christopher Alessandrini

Throughout the summer, interns will be blogging on this site to share information about their projects and the experience of being part of the Dumbarton Oaks community.

Interns are introduced to D.O. Library collections with Librarian, Sarah Burke Cahalan

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