A New Summer for the Oral History Project

At the Oral History Project, Josh WIlson and I have been busy trying to begin the process of collecting new interviews for the archives.  Thanks to last year’s interns, almost all of the previous interviews had been transcribed setting the stage for us to move forward.  Transcription can prove to be one of the more difficult parts of the project; often times it takes more than a few times listening and a Google search or two in order to catch all of the names and places that the interviewees discuss.  We have been able to get a few more of the interviews published on the website, namely one from Ioli Kalavrezou and from Elizabeth & Michael Jeffreys.

The Dumbarton Oaks Swimming Pool

The Dumbarton Oaks Swimming Pool

At this time, we have some new interviews scheduled, but none have been conducted.  One project we have undertaken to increase awareness of the Oral History Project and put it in a more user-friendly form is the creation of a blog.  The blog will be an ongoing project run in conjunction with the collection of interviews and will feature highlights of individual interviews, as well as compilations of interviews on a single subject. Our first post is about the Dumbarton Oaks swimming pool.  You can also check out a post about how Dumbarton Oaks fosters interdisciplinary collaboration through social gatherings and daily lunches.

The Refectory at Dumbarton Oaks

The Refectory at Dumbarton Oaks

We hope to have a great summer here working in the archives and interviewing present and past staff and Fellows.  Keep checking back to the blog and website for updates.

James Curtin is a sophomore at Harvard College, concentrating in Government.  He is involved with the Harvard Institute of Politics in the area of education policy, and also has an academic interest in both Byzantine and Roman history.

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